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    Be creative as it's good to be different! Use CV, Resume templates and get your new dream job

    • 10 + Classic templates available
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    • Our creator will guide you throughout the process step by step
    • With our service you can create a unique cover letter Big banana
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    Create a CV that will get you noticed. Get more interviews with a professionally written CV with our creator

    • 20+ Modern templates available
    • 120 + Colorful template variants Small banana
    • Our creator will guide you throughout the process step by step
    • With our service you can create a unique cover letter Big banana
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    „This is the perfect example of modern template"

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  • Anna

    photo for CV

    Thanks to BananaCV, I saved a few good hours on creating a curriculum vitae document. The website offers a wide range of interesting CV templates, moreover, the generator has a clear interface, which greatly facilitates working with the document. If you are doing your CV for the first time, I highly recommend this website.

  • Martin

    free cv templates

    You don't need to be a graphic designer to create a great looking resume document. I used a paid CV template and the effect was simply WOW. The template looked good in the wizard but when printed it looks stunning. Highly recommended for those looking for a good resume builder.

  • Natalie

    saving the CV template to PDF format

    It is modern and professional. Plus, it's quick and easy. I am satisfied because my CV looks professional. The price is definitely in line with the quality (I used the Small Banana). I could easily save the created CV template to a PDF file and send it to my future employer. I will come back!

  • David

    modern resume template

    The BananaCV Creator revived my old CV. The fact that you have to pay for more templates did not bother me in any way. It is worth paying for this quality, because I have not seen such patterns anywhere else.

  • Victoria

    free CV templates for download

    I used the free CV templates and I am very pleased with what they offer. If someone is starting their adventure with a professional career, this is a great website to make a good first impression on the future employer.

  • Richard

    recommended online CV creator

    I recommend the website with a clear conscience. The CV looks soooo good.

  • Charlotte

    free CV template to download

    Free CV template "Mario" met my expectations with hundred percent. I was looking for a universal CV template and a modern one for a long time. And I found it here: D the creator itself is unreservedly recommended.

  • Christopher

    classic free resume designs for download

    CV templates in terms of aesthetics, are ahead of everything I have seen on the internet so far. Free CV templates are a big plus of the generator. If someone does not want to go crazy and the classic is enough for him, he will be 100% satisfied with what the portal offers.

  • Emma

    free elegant resume template

    I needed an elegant and aesthetic CV. I am satisfied and thank you for providing such nice free CV templates. I will recommend your site.

  • Patrick

    best CV templates

    Great site, I'm glad that thanks to the BananaCV creator I found my current job. Apparently, the first impression can only be made once - I agree with it 100%. That is why it is worth taking care of your CV before we start looking for your dream job.

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Turn on the CV configurator and change your life. A free-of-charge CV creator allows you to prepare the personalized document. Choose from 30 templates the exceptional one and start working right now.
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Choose a template from over 30 tailor-made documents

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Free of charge?! Impossible! How come?

A free-of-charge CV creating is something you need.

Do you think it's complicated? There is no need to ask, you just have to try.

It's extremely simple and clear.

In the "How it Works" section,

we will help you go through the CV creator.

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Step by

The online CV creator will allow you to compose your professional life history in a few simple steps. Do you need a CV in a different language? No problem! Do you want to upload a photo from your desktop? With the drag & drop function, you just need to move the file to the right place to the CV generator. Simple forms and CV configurator will place all the information where it should be.

best free CV builder


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  • I have never created a CV for free - where to start?
  • I don't have nice photos for my CV - what should I do?
  • After creating the CV I can see a watermark - how to erase it?
  • I am a Recruiter - how to make my job easier?
  • Lots of these packages - where to start?

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