The first impression is crucial , so why is it worth using the CV creator?

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The first impression is the most important. You can only make the first impression once. Cliches? However, do you have any idea what the difference is between the candidate who prepared the correct CV and the candidate who sent the perfect CV? The difference is, that the latter was invited to an interview. 

You will read in this article about how to prepare your CV so that it attracts the attention of the recruiter and becomes a pass to your dream job. We will also suggest you on the fastest way to create and download the perfect CV!

We set off on the way to the dream job 

The hiring process usually follows a similar pattern. First you send your CV, then you have the first interview with the HR department, and then the second with the prospective supervisor. How to stand out among a pile of several or even several dozen applications on the desk of a recruiter or a company owner? How to focus their attention for more than the subjected to statistics, average time of 5-7 seconds spent on one CV, and get a pass to the next stage?

Marketing is just as important to jobseeking professionals as it is to companies. Have you ever thought of yourself as an advertising object? You have certain qualities, skills and experience - this is an objective fact. However, you are faced with the challenge of how to present them to the world properly!

  • With a concept, but at the same time meaningfully
  • In a modern way, but with all the necessary information
  • Originally, but still legibly
  • Surprisingly, but not embarrassingly

CV is in charge of the impression you make on the potential employer. That is why it is so important in your job search. Don't let it happen by chance.

Two layers of CV

We are all visual creatures. Our first impressions are always based on aesthetics, symmetry and images. We carefully select our clothes for the interview, why shouldn't we put the same effort into the appearance of our CV? This is our main ambassador before any meeting. 

The very image of your CV, i.e. its visual layer , tells your employer a lot about you, it reveals your personality. Whether you thorough, take care of details, have a technical and precise mind, or maybe creativity is your strong point.

A clear and thoughtful visual layer encourages to read the content. While browsing through sample CVs available on the web, we experience the phenomenon that some of them clap our eyes on. However, no one has ever been hired for the mere appearance of a CV (perhaps only a graphic designer). The crucial is to collect and compile the information that should be included in a CV to form a layer of content . We start with the basic information and contact details. Then we present professional experience where we should distinguish those elements and moments of our career that are important from the point of view of the position for which we apply, with less attention being put to positions and duties not directly related to it. Then we present the competence of foreign languages and their level of advancement. Then we have to capture and describe the skills that have been developed during our career. Here, both hard skills, specific knowledge in a given field, completed trainings and courses, program operation, as well as soft skills, e.g. work organization or cooperation in a team, or competence profile.

Recruiter's frustrations, or a warning to start with

The recruiter's role is to find a good candidate for a given position, and therefore also to discover and check the competences of each candidate, but this does not mean that at all costs he will struggle through poorly prepared, incomplete and illegible documents. How to write a CV to make it easier for a recruiter to work and increase your chances of getting a job offer? Avoid these mistakes:

  • CV mismatched with a specific job offer

When presenting a CV, it is not enough to mention only the name of the company and position. Underlining the experience and skills that are important from the point of view of working in that particular position is not only saving the recruiter's work, but a real springboard on the way to the next stage of recruitment. It is worth writing down what exactly you did in every previous job and what would be useful in the new position. It is important especially if you apply for a different position than the one you have held so far. 

  • Inadequate editing skills vs. too much creativity

Using traditional word processors like MS Word and similar programs carries a lot of potential problems that can hinder you before you even get started. Difficult and time-consuming formatting process, bland visual designs that get lost among other CVs, the fact that formatting looks different in other programs (and their versions) - these are just some of the risks. 

On the other hand, the practice observed more and more frequently is to enrich a CV with the broadly understood creative elements. CV in the form of an advertising leaflet, comic book or video? It sounds great, but remember not to overdo it with the form and make the content and specific information about your qualifications still play the main role.

What's even worse - a poor or inept form or triumph of form over content? So bad and so bad.

  • Linguistic correctness is a must

Horror, it often happens that the application documents are full of linguistic errors - stylistic, spelling, or typos. This is quite a reason to look at your CV with unfavorable eyes. First, because you make such mistakes at all, and second, because you haven't bothered to correct them. 

Therefore, remember to have your CV checked by a friend, or even a few of them. The principle of the second pair of eyes, as in accounting, or when you were a child with an essay to be checked by parents. 

Every day, many good candidates lose some of their career opportunities and the chance to present themselves later in the recruitment process due to these basic mistakes in their CV. 

An essential starting point: how to make up your CV!

If, until now, just thinking about writing your CV, you felt reluctant and suddenly thought of at least 5 things that you need to do more urgently, and preferably immediately, we realize that what you read so far, did not make you happy. Preparing a CV appears to be a difficult, tedious and full of pitfalls process. 

A significant part of the problems described in this article can be solved by using the online CV creator , i.e. a system that automatically generates your CV based on the data entered into it. 

  1. The enormous amount of work to prepare your CV data can be overwhelming. Admittedly, the CV wizard will not do it for you, but it will make you start developing it at all ! Low-dose data entry makes the process friendly, and you'll be pleased to see your CV being filled with content.
  2. You will not forget anything because by answering the questions you step by step fill in the CV template prepared by specialists. It contains all the necessary elements and fields that you should complete. At the same time, it will signal when your descriptions are too long, which will result in the final document having an acceptable and not too heavy volume. 
  3. By choosing one of the projects available in the free CV creator, you can be sure that your CV meets all the standards . The wizard is a tool for creating visually effective, technically functional and content-optimized documents. 
  4. If you want more than just giving them free templates, you have a catalog of over 30 CV designs to choose from - suitable for various professions and industries and the level of experience in the labor market. The templates are designed to present the character of the applicant - they can emphasize creativity, reliability, discipline, and more.
  5. You have the opportunity to constantly improve and supplement your CV , as it remains on our platform and is available for continuous editing. Do you have afterthoughts once you finished an interview? You can immediately make changes to the document before mailing to the next potential employer. You save a lot of time and avoid the risk of losing or damaging files stored on your computer.
  6. The result of your work will be a PDF file, which is the accepted standard for sending your CV. The benefit is universal formatting that doesn't change no matter where the recruiter watches it, and readability in most software systems.

Using the online wizard will bring you closer to the perfect CV.

Would you like to immediately write a CV in response to a job offer?

Use our wizard, where you will find professional templates to fill in, practical examples and tips.